Over 70 companies so far registered in 2019 Horeca Kuwait - Horeca Kuwait

Over 70 companies so far registered in 2019 Horeca Kuwait

KUWAIT: Over 70 major companies working in hospitality, hotels and food services have so far announced their participation in the 2019 Horeca Kuwait, Leaders Group Company for Consultancy and Development’s General Manager Nabila Al-Anjeri announced yesterday. The event, which is co-organized by Leaders Group and the leading Lebanese hospitality company Hospitality Services, is due to be held at Kuwait International Fairground in Mishref in the period of January 14-16, 2019. Anjeri also highlighted the growing awareness regatding the significance of hospitality sectors, and the response made by relevant companies that showed interest in taking part in this annual event that was launched in 2012. Further, Anjeri stressed that according to the Central Bank’s data and compared to other sectors such as the construction sector, Horeca Kuwait had grown by 11 percent in 2017. Anjeri added that Horeca Kuwait is increasingly becoming important for national economy as it contributes to the tourism sector’s growth, helps cope with the latest international developments and improves Kuwait’s competence with regional and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states in terms of hospitality. “Developing hospitality services will greatly help make Kuwait a regional financial and commercial hub as well as helping in achieving the 2035 vision,” she concluded.