About Horeca

A combination of the words HO(HOTELS), RE(RESTAURANTS) and CA(CAFES), HORECA was formed in Lebanon by Hospitality Services in 1994, after which its branches spread into Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

HORECA’s franchisee was acquired by Leaders Group and as a result it was inaugurated in Kuwait in the year 2012. Currently in its seventh edition, this is the biggest hospitality event in Kuwait and consists of participation of some of the biggest hospitality players in the country and region.

HORECA is mainly a hospitality event, where various companies directly or indirectly related to hospitality participate and attend the three day event. Some of the biggest companies either sponsor or exhibit their products at this function.

During the event, we have our Culinary Art Show, where chefs in the country participate in various exciting competitions to showcase their astonishing skills. The competitions are evaluated by international judges from Europe, Middle East, Far East etc.