AAW joins HORECA Kuwait 2019 as GOLD Sponsor - Horeca Kuwait

AAW joins HORECA Kuwait 2019 as GOLD Sponsor

KUWAIT: As a golden sponsor, Ali Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa Commercial Company (AAW) announced joining other participants and sponsors taking part in the 2019 Horeca Kuwait exhibition, which is due to be organized by Leaders Group in collaboration with the Hospitality Services Company at Kuwait International Fairgrounds in Mishref in the period of January 14-16, 2019. In this regard, AAW’s CEO Ali Faisal Al-Mutawa said that Horeca plays a major role in helping regional companies communicate with clients, adding that it opens new channels for hospitality and food industries’ businesses. “Taking part in exhibitions helps encourage development projects and youth to start their own businesses in order to eventually diversify national income sources,” he explained. Further, Mutawa added that AAW has over a century of experience and excellence as a leading retail and distribution company. He added that it invests in seven various retail sectors and represents over 100 international brands it introduces to local markets. Mutawa also noted that AAW runs the largest and most complex distribution operations in Kuwait with a storage capacity of over 250,000 square meters to deliver over 200 products to consumers on a daily basis. “We take pride in being present in every single supermarket and every single Kuwaiti home,” he added. “We represent some of the world’s most important and successful retail brands, and we are even the sole distributor of Procter and Gamble products and Roche Pharmaceuticals since 1965.” He also noted that through this year’s golden sponsorship, AAW would display the latest in coffee-making devices as well as cafe equipments at Horeca exhibition. Moreover, Mutawa said that AAW has a legacy of almost 100 years as it was established in 1918 by Ali Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa, starting with practicing modest commercial activities and importing consumer products such as rice, sugar, tea and fabrics from neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.