Al-Sarraf: HORECA helps hospitality sector develop consumer Health - Horeca Kuwait

Al-Sarraf: HORECA helps hospitality sector develop consumer Health

In view of the growing number of companies announcing intention to take part in the Horeca Kuwait 2020 exhibition to be organized by Leaders Group in collaboration with Hospitality Services Co. at Mishref International Fair Ground in the period of January 20-22, 2020, The National Medical Consumable Industries Co. (NatMed) recently announced joining the exhibition sponsors. “Cooperation between hospitality manufacturers in the field of food safety, quality and environment saves billions of dollars that could be spent on direct and indirect damage resulting from the production, manufacture and preparation of food and consumer good”, said NatMed’s managing director, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Sarraf. Al-Sarraf stressed that changes in the world of trade and services made specialized exhibitions such as Horeca Kuwait indispensible on setting successful marketing strategies for any sector at national, regional or international scales. Al-Sarraf also stressed that NatMed thinks highly of Horeca Kuwait as one of a kind exhibition adding that his company would display products and services of interest to the hotels and restaurants including disposable aluminum and plastic packs and over 2,000 items of other paper and plastic products used in food serving and packaging in addition to disposable medical products. “NatmMed was founded in 1989, with a Capital of KD 100,000 (US$ 330,000) and a limited number of staff members. Those numbers gradually multiplied and our products multiplied to around 2,000 items and our company is now considered the number one supplier in its field, servicing hotels, catering companies, restaurants, medical centers, supermarkets, food industries, and many other organizations”, Al-Sarraf explained. Further, Al-Sarraf pointed that the economic value of medical care in the hospitality field had recently multiplied in Kuwait and elsewhere in the world as more countries are now keen on making and joining international agreements with specialized organizations such as the FAO, WHO, WTO. “The FAO estimates the economic impact of food safety at $ 95 billion”, he concluded.