Dar Al-Teeb joins Horeca 2020 as Golden Sponsors - Horeca Kuwait

Dar Al-Teeb joins Horeca 2020 as Golden Sponsors

16 January 2020: Horeca Kuwait 2020 keeps attracting more sponsors, which reflects the exhibition’s uniqueness as a one of its kind event in Kuwait and phenomenal regional hospitality activity. In this regard, and because perfuming is an essence of hospitality, The famous Kuwaiti Dar Al- Teeb announced joining Horeca Kuwait 2020 as a golden sponsor in the current cycle due to be held at Mishref International Fair Grounds in the period of January 20-22, 2020. Speaking on the occasion, Horeca Kuwait 2020 organizer; Leaders Group expressed its delght with this sponsorship noting that this first participation of Dar Al-Teeb marks launching the inclusion of the perfumes and incense sector in the exhibition along with other food industry and services, hotel equipment and restaurants. Leaders Group added that the exhibition is also a wonderful opportunity for exhibitors to meet with thousands of the exhibition visitors. On his part, Dar Al-Teeb CEO, Sari Al-Hajj said that: “Sponsoring the famous Horeca Kuwait for the first time stems from our vision that perfuming guests is an essential and integral part of hospitality in our societies. Our participation is a chance to strengthen our bonds with the exhibition visitors and introduce our latest products of perfume, incense, Oud bakhoor mixtures that fit various occasions such as receptions, weddings and parties”. Al-Hajj added that Dar Al-Teeb had occupied a leading position in Kuwait and GCC perfume markets thanks to its outstanding perfumes that suit various tastes as well as introducing a new collection each season including oriental, western and French perfumes. “Dar Al-Teeb has achieved rapid success in and outside Kuwait thanks to its commitment to winning customers’ trust”, he added noting that it now has over 30 branches in Kuwait, a number of GCC states and in London. “It is our customers’ trust which motivates us. this trust stems from introducing new concepts for oriental and Arab perfumes and creating and innovating new mixtures all the time using purely and carefully selected natural materials. We also use the finest perfume essential oils that match the French International Fragrance Association (IFRA)”, Al-Hajj explained adding that Dar Al-Teeb pays great attention to manufacturing and artistic packaging. “Our brand combines both genuinely and modernity of content, output and impact”, he underlined. Finally, Al-Hajj explained that Dar Al-Teeb’s section at Horeca Kuwait exhibition would be in hall number 8 where a huge variety of its finest products and incense would be displayed and that Dar Al-Teeb has over 90 different items of which many had been leading the sales of its category and contributed to making Dar Al- Teeb the fastest growing amongst its peers.