Horeca Kuwait 2018 opens at Kuwait International Fairground - Horeca Kuwait

Horeca Kuwait 2018 opens at Kuwait International Fairground

KUWAIT: The Horeca Kuwait 2018 exhibition opened yesterday at the Kuwait International Fairground in Mishref with the participation of over 80 companies specialized in hospitality, catering and hotel equipment, including many international brands interested in the Kuwaiti and Gulf markets. The seventh edition of Horeca Kuwait is organized by the Leaders Group Company for Consulting and Development in collaboration with the Hospitality Services Company. “We confirm that Horeca Kuwait is the largest exhibition held in some important  touristic countries,” said Nabila Al-Anjari, chairperson of the organizing committee of the exhibition and general manager of Leaders Group.
“We have the right to be proud of our ability to improve Kuwait’s commercial and tourism competitiveness. This is a sign of the great progress achieved by our exhibition, which has become a destination for all companies,  international chefs, hotels, restaurants, hospitality and culinary arts experts,” she stressed. “It seems that new  segments and companies have become more interested in participating in the exhibition due to their interest in establishing close relationships with the hospitality industry or in preparation for other projects in this field.”
She noted that the participation shows that Horeca is moving in the right direction towards making Kuwait an economic center that is comparable to the most important centers in the hospitality and commercial tourism industry in terms of displaying, promoting, developing, diversifying and integrating services in these sectors. Important gathering Executive director of the exhibition and secretary general of the federation of Kuwaiti hotel owners Mohammad Najia said: “Kuwait is witnessing an important and influential gathering, which is an  indication of developments in the hospitality sector. Companies and institutions related to the hospitality industry will take notice of this.”
Najia said this year, the exhibition has been a big success in terms of the space sold, the large number of new  companies participating and quantitative and qualitative momentum in new activities and events. He said this year’s program includes sessions for the first time dealing with specialists and entrepreneurs, suchas over food safety and the impact of new innovations on restaurant projects, investment and trade, in addition to cooking competitions.
“We can say that the growth this year of the exhibition has exceeded 200 percent,” he added. “The exhibition is excellent and successful year after year with our cooperation and partnership with Leaders Group,” said Jumana Damous, General Director of Hospitality Services. She added that Horeca will reflect positively on many aspects of trade and economic activity.

The three-day event from Jan 15-17, 2018 includes a variety of activities and cooking competitions with many categories that cater to various appetizers, desserts and hot and cold beverages. Meanwhile, a session sponsored by the South African embassy was held yesterday afternoon, where the delegation presented a session on trade and investment in this field. It was followed by a family competition to prepare the best burger. Cooking competitions are held under the supervision of world-class chefs, including the President of the International Federation of Chefs Chef Lautner, the former chef Samaan Helal, the president of the local kitchen chef, Chef Maroun Chedid, the French ambassador to the Middle East Chef Charles Azar and others.
The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by ambassadors, diplomats and business attaches, executive managers of hotel groups, food and hospitality services, experts from Kuwait and abroad, and hundreds of local and international chefs involved in culinary arts.