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Driven by his passion for oriental perfumes and fragrances, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Thufairi founded Dar Alteeb Perfumes in 2001. In record time, the house of perfume has become a widely renowned brand in the country and even worldwide, establishing a position as one of the most respected brands in everything related to perfumery and Bukhour, whether in terms of manufacturing or staying up-to-date to offer fresh, non-traditional fragrances. Dar Alteeb strictly follows the global standards implemented by the global representative body of the fragrance industry in Paris, International Fragrance Association (IFRA) in the manufacturing process of its perfumes through using 100% natural oils and materials.

We aspire to maintain our leading position in the luxury perfume industry, increase our market share and continue to expand in the regional and global markets; raising the bar when it comes to perfumes and be closer to our customers wherever they are.


Tel: 1818100

Mob: 91100766

Email: j.dawud@daralteebkw.com

Website: http://daralteebkw.com/