Farm Land Golden sponsor of Horeca 2020, competitions - Horeca Kuwait

Farm Land Golden sponsor of Horeca 2020, competitions

05 January 2020: Horeca Kuwait 2020 keeps attracting more sponsors, which reflects the exhibition’s uniqueness as a one of its kind event in Kuwait and phenomenal regional hospitality activity. In this regard, the exclusive agent of the ‘President’ trade mark; Farm Land Company; a genuine Kuwaiti trademark founded in Kuwait, announced renewing its golden sponsorship of Horeca Kuwait for the ninth consecutive time. Speaking on the occasion, Horeca Kuwait 2020 organizer; Leaders Group said that Farm Land is one of the largest regional companies in dairy products and that it would be a main contributor in the exhibition activities and provider of the ingredients needed for the daily cooking competitions throughout the three-day exhibition, which is organized by Leaders Group in collaboration with Hospitality Services Co. at Mishref International Fair Grounds in the period of January 20-22, 2020. On his part, Farm Land’s general manager, Antoine Obeid said that Hoereca Kuwait is a high quality phenomena in the world of hospitality and all the logistic skills, arts, equipment, food stuff needed for the business. Obeid added that farmland annually looks forward to holding Horeca Kuwait because of its role in bringing co-workers together under one roof to discuss various concerns and exchange expertise first hand. Further, Obeid explained that Farm Land provides the best quality products including President Cheese, one of the world’s premiere cheese makers. He also noted that President offers many products produced of 100 per cent pure milk to prepare the most delicious dishes under prestigious brand names such as the fresh Italian Galbani Mozzarella, the famous French Valbreso Feta, Societe Roquefort cheese in addition to a number of international brands such as Muratbey, Granoro, Hollinger, Al-Attar and White Chef. Finally, Obeid announced that, following their visit to Kuwait, the Lamaison Du Fromage (which literally translates to The House of Cheese) recently opened their branch in Kuwait to serve over 250 types of cheese from over seven outstanding cheese producing countries such as France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, England and Germany.