HORECA Kuwait 2020 witnesses substantial changes - Horeca Kuwait

HORECA Kuwait 2020 witnesses substantial changes

Leaders Group Consultancy and development company announced that for the first time, the luxurious American brand of ‘Certified Angus Beef’ joins Horeca Kuwait 2020 due to be held in collaboration with Hospitality Services Co at Mishref International Fair Ground in the period of January 20-22, 2020. Leaders Group added that this sponsorship is highly significant due to the fact that Angus Beef is the most delicious and most expensive in the world as it is produced by veteran ranchers and cattle raisers who highly respect the relation between land, animals and land resources. “Horeca is annually witnessing substantial changes in various levels be it the number of participants, the events and activities, the agreements made amongst displayers or with interested visitors”, leaders group said noting that Certified Angus Beef participation is one of the welcome changes. In this regard, Certified Angus Beef agent, Gebran Edouard Charbine – Director, International Marketing stressed that Certified Angus Beef cattle is carefully raised in US ranches using top notch material and care methods. “USDA supervises our cattle, grades and makes sure it is safe for consumption”, he stressed noting that all the beef is meticulously tested to achieve food safety, that USDA inspectors examine all slaughtered animals to make sure they meet the brand’s ten strict standards and that all animals are passionately slaughtered. “This makes our beef tender and tastier compared to other cattle slaughtered in the usual ways ” , Charbine added noting that methods of s t o r a g e followed by CAB had increased the beef value and helped increase demands for it by well-off buyers in rich countries. Further, Charbine explained that the outstanding things about CAB, is that, following several researches conducted by the founders in 1978, they succeeded in setting a set of uncompromising standards for taste that no other beef has. “With the help of scientists, they implemented those standards in special ranches fully equipped with storage facilities. Moreover, Charbine stressed that Abgus beef exported to Kuwait and various other markets are Halal and added that joining Horeca Kuwait 2020 for the first time is an attempt to reach this leading exhibition visitors. “Horeca activities and events have become a standard pattern in the art or food and hospitality industries”, he concluded pointing that CAB are distributed in Kuwait by Al-