Leaders Group thanks KAC for supporting Horeca Kuwait 2020 - Horeca Kuwait

Leaders Group thanks KAC for supporting Horeca Kuwait 2020

Preparations for the Horeca Kuwait 2020 exhibition are steadily progressing and attracting more companies to take part in it as an event providing a golden opportunity to scientifically exchange expertise that would match the local market needs and future expansion plans. The exhibition is due to be organized by Leaders Group in collaboration with Hospitality Services Co. at Mishref International Fairgrounds in the period of January 20-22, 2020. In this regard, Leaders Group expressed gratitude to Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) for supporting Horeca Kuwait 2020 as an official carrier for participants, visitors and the jury panel members from outside Kuwait. As the organizer, Leaders Group issued a statement stressing that: “The facilities KAC provides for the exhibition reflect the care this national carrier shows to improving tourism and hospitality services with the aim of improving Kuwait’s ranking in the field”. The statement added that the exhibition significance lies in improving hospitality service environments in Kuwait, including that of aviation companies, which plays a growing role in improving competitiveness and rating of world aviation companies. “It is noteworthy to mention that KAC has recently made several achievements in competitiveness and customer satisfaction”, the statement underlined. Further, Leaders Group explained that one of KAC achievements was being awarded the APEX rating award for the most comfortable on flight seats in the Middle East in 2019, getting a Five- Star rating from the same organization based on a questionnaire conducted amongst passengers of over 600 airlines worldwide in the period of July 1st, 2018 until June 30, 2019, which probed passengers’ satisfaction with seats, cabin services, food, beverage, recreation and Wi-Fi services.